About Us

HomeTown Service, at a neighborly price!

About Us

Everyone is after the same thing. We all want to see a project from start-to-finish and be able to say smile at a job well done. HomeTown Home Services strives to deliver excellence with everything that we do. The know-how and the experience we put in is second to none, because we understand that our work and diligence becomes a home full of memories and joy someday. We want what’s best for clients, it’s the neighborly thing to do.


Cindy W.

“These guys never disappoint! Work is top notch and you could not ask for two nicer guys!”

Jeremy M.

“Call Justin about any work! I highly recommend him and his team! They did a custom roof job and the final product was nothing short of outstanding!”

P.o. Box 281141 Memphis, Tennessee | Call (901) 808-0348